School-by-School Enforcement Map

This map includes information about resolved school-level enforcement activities conducted by the U.S. Departments of Education and Justice. These activities include Title IX resolution agreements addressing sexual violence on campuses from the Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights, Clery Act reports from the Department of Education’s Federal Student Aid office, and Title IX and Title IV resolution agreements and other court filings addressing sexual violence and sexual harassment on campuses from the Department of Justice’s Civil Rights Division. For an explanation of the Clery Act and Titles IX and IV, please see the Key Terms and Definitions section of the the Students page.

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Map Data Courtesy Shannon Turner

The U.S. Department of Education, Office for Civil Rights (OCR), is posting recent resolution letters and agreements with schools on its website. OCR will also make public the schools that are under OCR investigation, including those that involve Title IX sexual violence allegations. To ensure that the most up-to-date information is provided, interested parties should contact OCR headquarters or the closest regional office. contains thousands of agency data sets, tools, and research to conduct research, develop web and mobile applications, design data visualizations, and more. Currently listed are over 100 datasets that include non-sensitive information related to higher education and sexual assault reporting, research, legal guidance, and enforcement resolutions, among other topics.

Clery Act Data

The Department of Education maintains individual school level data about campus crime and makes this data publicly available at: This data is submitted by each higher education institution pursuant to the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act (Clery Act), and is updated on a yearly basis. For the first time, in 2015, institutions must now report the name and contact information of the school’s lead Title IX Coordinator.